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The use of non-tariff protection, increased during 1980s, mostly as a substitute for the tariffs which were outlawed. One of Non-tariff measures which have been deployed by both developed and developing countries is safety and health standards/ technical specifications. In most Muslim countries or country with a Muslim majority, Halal standard having essential part in protecting consumer rights. Food labelling frameworks aim to regulate different interest, which range of human health, religion and consumers’ rights to international trade. National labelling laws must seek a balance between labelling requirements and certification, so that, it will not constitute barriers to the free trade.

Nowadays, the development of food processing technology is making a “simple” halal food becomes a complex one. Every nation has their own Halal Standard regulation. According  to KFH research (2014),  the global halal economy was valued at approximately USD 3.2 tln in 2012 and this sector is forecasted to double to 6.4 tln by the year 2018. It is showing a big potential market for Halal product Industry, especially in ASEAN nation.

This  paper is going to capture the development of Halal Standard in some ASEAN countries. By making some comparative study among ASEAN country, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The result will describe a potential legal framework among ASEAN country concerning Halal Standard.

Keywords: ASEAN, Trade, Halal, Standard


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